The 3 Kinds Of Logo Type Every Business Should Have

January 23, 2023

Your logo is one of the most essential tools for communicating with your customers and partners. Your brand visuals reflects your company’s identity, so choosing a solid logo that accurately represents your business is very important.

Oftentimes, we need to present our logo in different places, like on our website, on our social media page, or in print marketing materials like flyers. Because of size restrictions, it is important that you have different types or variations of logos to make sure that you have an appropriate version to use for every brand touch point.

Checkout the 3 essential types of logo that you should have for your business below.

The 3 most essential types of logos your business should have:

Main logo or Primary logo

Typically, this logo will contain some combination of a tagline (which is usually short), locations (if you have multiple locations), an established date for the business, or images representing your company’s core values. Using these elements together helps create a memorable and adaptable primary logo wherever you use it. In addition, this type of logo works well when introducing yourself for the first time to your audience.

Stacked Logo or Vertical Logo

Stacked or vertical logos can be used when your primary logo won’t fit due to design space restrictions. To maintain brand consistency, the stacked logo should convey the same feel as your primary logo and contain the same font and style.

Submark or Emblem

A submark is a variation of your primary logo. It’s typically made up of just a few elements from your primary logo and used in smaller formats, like social media profile images and stickers. Submarks convey your brand at a glance and help your audience easily recognize your brand and connect with it.

The logo must be consistent everywhere—from your website and business cards to everything. It’s one of the first things people see across almost any aspect of your design business. So make sure that you have all the logo type/variations to use for every instance!

In our Semi-Custom Brand projects, you get your logo in all these 3 different variations. This is to make sure that you have something to use appropriately across all your brand touchpoints and keep your brand cohesive! 

Want to get your beautiful logo in a week?

Check out our Semi-Custom Brands. With over 5 brand kits to choose from, there sure is one that will fit your biz perfectly! Let us know if you have any questions or need help with the process. We’re here to help!

xo, kaye & gerard

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