How Business Owners Can Ensure Their Branding Remains Cohesive

March 20, 2023
Understand brand cohesiveness, how it can help your business, and how to achieve it.
It’s challenging to remain cohesive when your brand has multiple touch points like a logo, website, and many marketing collaterals. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you make sure everything is aligned with your brand identity.

What is brand cohesiveness?

Brand cohesiveness is the consistency between a business’s brand and its products or services. It also can be associated with positive feelings in consumers’ minds.

A cohesive branding strategy will help you maintain control over your image by ensuring that every aspect of your business – from logos to marketing materials and website design – is consistent. This way, customers will be clear about who you are and what you stand for when they come across your business.

How does a cohesive brand help businesses?

A cohesive brand allows businesses to establish a distinctive style and messaging that connects to your dream customers.

Businesses must showcase a consistent brand to stand out and create an emotional connection with customers. Furthermore, having one cohesive brand enables businesses to successfully perform their branding and marketing strategies, producing marketing content and campaigns more effectively.

So, how do you actually create a cohesive brand?

Below are some steps you can do create a more cohesive brand for your business.

Part I - Craft Your Brand TouchPoints

Any engagement or interaction between a business and its clients is considered a brand touch point. Brand touch points allow businesses to communicate with their customers regarding their brand’s values, messaging, and visual identity.

Companies may create a cohesive brand that is simple to recognize by ensuring that all these connections are consistent and following the company’s overall strategy. 

Focus on the specific brand touch points listed below to create a more cohesive brand:

1. Logo and Visual Identity

Develop a strong brand identity with a logo, color palette, typography, and imagery. Creating this is important so you have a good foundation for your brand visual identity!

2. Website and Digital Presence

From the design, layout, and content of the website, as well as social media profiles and digital advertising, everything should reflect the brand’s messaging, visual identity, and values.

3. Advertising and Marketing Materials

Develop advertising and marketing materials that align with the brand’s messaging and values. This includes print ads, online ads, and other promotional materials.

4. Packaging and Merchandising

Ensure that all packaging and merchandising elements, from product design to packaging materials, are aligned with the brand’s image.

Part II - Develop your Brand Voice

Brand voice refers to the overall tone, personality, and impression the company conveys.

Here are some reasons why it’s so important to get your brand voice right:

Brand voice connects you with customers emotionally, which helps them feel connected to your brand.

Think of your favorite brands. Most people think about the feelings that the brand evokes. However, successful brands have a distinct voice that connects with their customers emotionally.

Brand voice is a powerful tool to build trust with your customers.

When you are authentic in your brand voice, consumers know you care about providing them with a quality product or service and not just trying to sell something.

Brand voice is your company’s unique way of speaking to customers.

It differentiates you from the competition and shows potential customers why it is better to do business with you than with your competitors.

Part III - Implement!

Now that you have the brand visual identity & brand voice figured out, all you need to do is implement it consistently in every touch point of your brand – as in everything! This is the secret to creating a beautiful cohesive brand that connects to your dream clients.

Need help in figuring out your brand visuals?

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